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COME JOIN OUR PTA by Tracey Jardine

Who wants to join our school PTA?
What is it for? You say, backing away.

The short answer is fundraising: pennies and pounds,
The school's tight budget can’t always go round.

We buy extra resources, for learning and play,
To enrich and enhance our children's school day.

Picnic benches and umbrellas, PA systems and seeds,
Playground equipment and library best reads.

Who wants to join our school PTA?
What do you do? You gingerly say:

Well, we run discos, the Christmas fayre and the fete.
Pancake races, the quiz night, we’ve a lot on our plate!

We serve teas and coffees at most school events,
On baking cakes and biscuits much time is spent.

Who wants to join our school PTA?
Is it all mothers' meetings? You nervously say:

It's true that we chatter at the school gate,
but lots of business gets sorted around half past eight,

But we really are a very mixed bunch,
Business people, professionals and ladies that lunch

You don't have to be female to be part of our club...
Did I mention that some of our meetings are held down the pub?